Kitchen and Dining

  • Barbecue supplies
  • Bento decoration
    • Be creative with your lunch at work! 
    • These items are designed to decorate your lunch
    • Onigiri bags are re-usable. 
  • Ceramic bowls
  • Ceramic bowls and plates
  • Clay pot/ Wooden ladle/ Bijinga chopsticks
    • Grab yourself a set of hotpot essentials for winter! 
    • Items are sold seperately 
  • Containers & cling wraps
    • We have what you're missing in your kitchen.... No, we didn't hide it it here, it just happen to be here:l Please come buy it from us :)
  • Cute ceremic crockery
  • Cute Cleaning Sponges


    • Clean with these cute animal sponges and make your work easier! 
  • Cutlery & Chopsticks
    • We have cutlery for all styles of meal; from Western to Eastern to Oceanian and DanDa styles.
  • Frying tong
    • This frying tong provides you ease to serve food while sifting out the oil. 


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