Personal Care

  • Bandage
  • Body/ facial wet wipes
  • Cold packs
    • These cold packs are just $2.80 each! 
  • Dental products
  • Diapers for the elders
  • Dining apron
  • Disposable hand warmers & covers
    • Hand warmers are designed to provide portable warmness and you may put them in your pocket; or with the ones come with adhesives, you may also stick them onto your clothes to keep you warm. 
    • If you find the warmers to be too hot, you may also get the covers from us. Covers available in a range of designs, Disney series are also avaialble in stores. 
  • Hygiene first aid pads & bands
  • Kids' toothbrush with suction cap
  • Plastic pump bottle & lotion containers


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