Terms and Conditions

Gift Card Terms and Conditions

By purchasing or using the girft card, you agree to be bound the terms and conditions. If you are giving the card to another person, you should ensure that transferee is aware of the terms and conditions applying to the card and the expiry date on the card; 

- The gift card must be used for purchase in store; 

-The gift card cannot be renewed and expires on the date shown on the card;

-The gift card must be redeemed within the validity period. Any unused balance will not be refunded or credited or consolidated to a new gift card on or after expiry date; 

-The value of the gift card cannot be added; 

-The gift card is non-returnable after it has been purchased;

-The gift card cannot be exchanged for cash or credit on accounts before or after expiry date; 

-The gift card is treated like cash. Anyone holding the card can use it for purchase. DanDa Japan accepts no responsibility for the original cardholder. Defaced, mutilated, lost or stolen gift card wil not be replaced, refunded or redeemed.

-The gift card can be used within the available balance. Where a purchase exceeds the remaining available balance, the excess purchase amount must be paid by cash or other payment methods; 

-The gift card is not reloadable and any remaining available balance in the card will be forfeited on expiry date;

-For security reason, DanDa Japan may restrict the number of transactions or the amount of transactions you can make with the card, or stop the use of the card. Customer cannot stop payment on any transaction made with the card;

-For the gift card to be valid, it must be presented to the cashier upon checkout; 

-The gift card will be activated within 48 hours of purchase; 

-Transaction history is not provided with the card; 

DanDa Japan has the right to place a stop on your card if (a) your card has been reported lost, stolen or damaged, (b) we believe or reasonably suspect that you have used or will use the card contrary to the terms and conditions; 

DanDa Japan reserves the right to change any terms contained in the Terms of Use from time to time without notice. Any changes to the terms and conditions can be viewed at www.dandajapan.com.au/terms-and-condition

DanDa Japan will not be liable to you for failure to observe or perform any of our obligation in relation to the gift card for any reasons or causes which could not be controlled or prevented. These include acts of God, acts of nature, acts of Government and their agencies, strikes or other industrial action, war, fire, flood, storm, riots, system and power failures, unexpected events and other acts or omissions of third parties.